Friday, 22 November 2013


Extremely disappointed in the Sunday craft fair at the Salford City Stadium!

Hardly anyone came through the doors which was unbelievable as it's such a big place and supposedly very well advertised. however, there were no banners on the roads leading up to it, no posters around the area, no signs on the road to the stadium, no posters in or around the stadium......mmmm

All the advertising seemed to be done online - a high percentage of the people who attend these events like signs to let them know what's going on and where it is so I suppose it's no wonder there were no customers.

There were around 40 stallholders and I'm not sure many of them will be returning or giving it positive feedback - such a shame as it's a nice venue!

Well a weekend off this week then back to a full weekend of craft fairs - GREAT!

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