Monday, 9 December 2013

Another crafting weekend

Well another crafting weekend has gone by....some days better than others but that's how it goes in the crafting world!

Sharples Primary School on Thursday 5 December - quite a few people through but no-one seemed to be buying much apart from curries and samosas (I bought some for my tea lol)

It was freezing in there because we were near the entrance and the outside doors were held open so the wind was howling through....we had coats, scarves and gloves on but still couldn't feel our feet!

High Lawn Primary School on Friday 6 December - I was in the main hall and it was packed most of the night. I didn't do too bad but some ladies were in one of the classrooms with the tombola - they didn't sell anything because no-one could get in or out because of the tombola queue. I think it needed to be in there on its own! There was a real reindeer outside but I didn't get a chance to visit it :( 

Accrington Town Hall on Saturday 7 December - Once I found the place (thanks to the caretaker and not my satnav!) we were on the 2nd floor in the ballroom. Lots of stalls and again, lots of people coming through most of the day but not alot were buying. Seems to be a trend at the moment although I went into Warrington town centre and there was a gift and craft marquee. Most of the stalls in there were quite expensive but people were buying so not sure what to make of that!

The Brierfield on Sunday 8 December - A charity craft and gift fair for people with a rare skin disorder. You cannot imagine what it's like when a child has it so severe.....well done to Jolly Pops for organising it...just a pity we didn't get more people through supporting us....until the next time!

Only 2 more craft fairs left this year....Smithills High School on Saturday and the Last Drop Village on Sunday....think after a rest from a full time job and craft fairs, I'll get my stock replenished ready for February when we kick off again

I have some of my pictures and poems in Craft and Crumpet 70 Blackburn Rd, Accrington BB5 1LE, although they're in the window of the shop so you can't see them lol. I also have some in Create Bolton on Bark Street so pop along if you're in either of these areas.

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