Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back from sunny Greece!

I bet you've been wondering what's happened, where is she? No, oh well wishful thinking on my part then!
But....if you were wondering, i've been on a wonderful 2 week holiday to Kos, Greece which was fantastic.....sun, sand, sea, s..... keep it clean it's a family show!

Apart from my holiday, what have I been up to? Oh yes, getting ready for the craft fairs coming up of one is at Smithills School on Saturday 15 September and I've been preparing oh no, Christmas cards! I've got a few more to do over the next few days and then let's see how they go. I even took some JewELLs cards to Kos with know just in case, and actually used 2 of them so I may be going international sooner than I thought!

I was also involved in a Victorian market before my hols and had to do the whole dressing up thing - mop hat, long dress, petticoats etc...there were only about 6 of us who actually dressed up...all the others were in ordinary clothes. It had been raining all week and even though we were under gazebos with sides, the floor was grass and soggy and my feet were wet through and cold so I'd had enough by 3pm. I'd got a special deal at the last minute and passed the details onto some of the people who have a stall at my craft fair....mmmmm I don't think they did very well over the weekend either and were joking that they'd get their revenge so I'm watching my back lol.....

Will update again soon x

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