Monday, 17 September 2012

Julie Hilling MP Bolton West

It was the first Food & Craft Fair for Smithills School after the summer break and Julie Hilling MP for Bolton West opened the fair, the cutting of the red tape and speech no less! 
She listened to the school band (which the proceeds of the fair go to help with trips etc) and then came round to all us crafters and had a good old natter with us.

There were quite a lot of people coming through the doors but, as usual, most were looking or buying from the food stalls, not many actually buying but, drum roll...............I sold my first lot of Christmas cards and a commission for a birthday card woo hoo!

I've put some pictures on of the event etc (I know, about time too!)
yet another photo of my card stand - note the Christmas cards lol

Yes, you guessed it, a close up of the Christmas cards - the one on the left was sold later that day!

The hubby's favourite out of all my Christmas Cards!

A, not very good picture, of Julie Hilling doing her speech

Just before she cut the ribbon

My stall was sandwiched between home made fudge and chutneys, cupcake lady opposite and lovely smelling bread stall.....I think they do it on purpose especially as I'm trying to lose weight (including the extra I put on in the 2 weeks I was away)

So, I now have a weekend off - no craft fairs, so we're taking my mum out for a meal for her birthday - Meditteranean Restaurant with a good variety of food on offer including Greek!

Will update again soon xx

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