Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Feedback on the new JewELLs Gift Bag

Canon Slade School - only there a couple of hours but amongst the stalls, there must have been around 7 card stalls and about 5 jewellery stalls.....luckily I didn't take much jewellery as I didn't have enough room on the table to show everything - you know what it's like....tables are provided but then you've only got that space to 'do your thing'

Anyways, I saw some familiar faces which was nice....Debbie from Bluebird and Bobbin, Cupcake Creationz, Fiona from C'est Chic, Margaret and Jean from my craft fair. I came across something very strange though.....why would you sell something at a loss? If it costs you £1.50 ish to make and you're selling it for £1.00 - what's the point? yes, I know all about loss leaders and having something on your stall you know you're going to make a loss with because it will attract the customers and you hope they buy something else.....

But if the majority of your crafts are sold at a loss and you openly admit you're not making any money.....am I being thick here because I don't see the point in this.....if you're doing this as a hobby then you've got to at least cover your costs - stall, materials etc

Sorry, just thought I'd run that one past you!

I got some really nice feedback on the new gift bags.....similar comments to the JewELLs cards really - aren't they lovely, it must have taken you ages, what a great idea etc etc but not many people were buying unfortunately. I did sell some of the bags, however, and had a couple of orders for some which is great!

Went to Smithills School on Saturday and that was pretty quiet but I sold a JewELLs card to the councillor who opened the Craft Fair in September - result! 

I have a free weekend this week and then quite a few fairs coming up.....won't be doing Holland Garden Centre anymore though.....not really a good atmosphere and it's the most expensive one I do AND you have to take your own table and chair etc. You're outside and freezing your b*m off every time unless the weather is kind then your feet are still cold. I asked for an inside stall only to be told - "you've no chance" - how rude! This verbal abuse continued and then my table broke - what a day!.....I've since found out I've been accused of taking away custom from there because I run my own craft fair on a completely different weekend!!!!!!!.....I've said it before and I'll say it again - there's nowt as funny as folk!

Soooooooooo, I will upload some pictures of the latest gift bags for you and would welcome any comments you have

See you soon x

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