Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Latest Designs

Hi Everyone

Here are a few of my latest designs.....taking them to my craft fair for the first time on Saturday so we'll see how they go. Also spent most of last night making gift tags...5 for £1.50 - took me an hour to make 5 - £1.50 an hour - slave labour lol

This is a gift bag I made for our good friend Dimitri for his 40th birthday - I think he liked the tsiparo inside! He's from Kalymnos (near Kos) hence the outline of his island

I like this one alot because I made the flowers using the big shot machine for the first time and was really pleased how it turned out

Okay, I know it's lilac but I've got to do something in my favourite colour - there's a free Christmas Tree decoration with this one

Another of my 'flower' bags and free decoration

I had to do one for the girls now didn't I?
I'll take some pictures of the tags and let you have a look - hopefully they'll all go on Saturday - they did really well on their last outing!

Take care

PS I found this craft knife which is alot cheaper than I paid for mine!!!!!!
Xcelite XN-200 Medium Duty Craft Knife (Google Affiliate Ad)

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