Friday, 16 November 2012

Not had a craft fair for a while

Cannot believe how time has flown! It's the middle of November already and I haven't done a thing for Christmas which is really unusual for me....although working in Warrington doesn't help - not as easy to get into town - has to be the bus rather than the car but hey ho, still some good shops to mooch round!

haven't had a craft fair for a while - just the way it works out I guess. Just like don't see one for ages then you get em all coming at the same time!

Anyway, craft fair tonight at Ladybridge High School....went there in the summer and it worked out OK in the end...bit slow to start with (alot of the craft fairs are) and then picked up a bit later....let's hope we're steady all night!

Then nothing tomorrow (lie in - whoop whoop) and The Last Drop village on Sunday. here's hoping they've got all the tables in the right places this time - last month we had too many tables in one room so you couldn't even move and they blocked the main door to get in (what a good idea!!!!). No tables at all down the middle of the room and one table that looked like a couple of planks of wood had been nailed together lol. Mind you, when I asked someone to sort it, it did get sorted! week is the Bromley Cross Village Hall Christmas Tree Festival weekend - looking forward to it! There are around 30 something Christmas trees all decorated in the church and the festival will be officially opened on Friday night around 7pm. We have singing and I'm hoping a mince pie or two as well! Also, one of the finalists for Miss Teen UK will be joining us so she'll be around to meet and greet people.

On the Saturday, it's the Craft Fair in the Village Hall and we have some of the regular stalls as well as face painting, tombola and incredible edibles.

Should be a great weekend this week and next so come along and support us!

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