Monday, 26 November 2012

What a buzzing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG what a fantastic weekend!!! Absolutely buzzing and great atmosphere!!!!

It was the Christmas Tree Festival at Birtenshaw Church in Bromley Cross and was opened on the Friday night by Eagley School Choir - the church was packed and the choir were brilliant! I think I had an eyelash in my eye which was making my eyes water!

I then helped on one of the church stalls - 'find the treasure' and we sold out first! I still missed the tombola stall but managed to buy some raffle tickets. Isn't it just typical....the ticket immediately before mine won a prize and then the one immediately after!

On the Saturday was my craft fair and I cannot believe the amount of people that came in throughout the day. They paid £2 on the church door to enter the festival and then they came through to us and they were actually buying as well! it was buzzing all hardly had time to get a drink because there were people around all the time. We had Christmas songs playing and then banjo man came and took over, then the CD was on again and we had another raffle. Woo hoo this time I won something! It's the taking part not what you win - lol

Normally we pack up at 3pm but we were asked to stay till 4pm and no-one started leaving until about 4.15 - what a great day!

We had friends coming round Saturday night so I only had an hour to sort myself out - had a fab time - didn't realise how late it was until the taxi turned up for them - too busy gabbing lol

We were back at the village Hall on Sunday but there were only around 10 stalls on the sunday afternoon because we had cafe tables and chairs in the middle of the hall for people to have a cup of tea & mince pie. Waiter Service no less!!!! We didn't have quite as many people through the door but again, it was never empty and we had the music on again and a violinist playing - she was great!

We should have had a piper but he cancelled at 11pm on Saturday night - that's just not on is it? So I think he's lost any future work there!

Got home at 4.45 on Sunday and Brian had my tea ready - how good is that! 

Brilliant, brilliant weekend - all the stallholders had a great time and were selling which is great for them too (obviously this is why we're doing this), but enjoying it aswell is just brilliant.

I sold a bit of everything over the weekend which was really good - JewELLs cards, gift bags, present tags, Christmas tags, bookmarks, baubles, my handcrafted pendants/chains. So pleased because now I can make more for the next craft fairs. 

I have 3 this weekend - Turton High School, Horwich RMI & the Watermillock on Sunday - busy busy.........

I have so many new designs, will get some decent photos to show you

Catch you soon.....x

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