Friday, 22 June 2012

Back from Samos, Greece

Just arrived back from Samos, Greece after a wonderful chilled holiday in the sun. My mum comes from Samos and it's a wonderful island that hasn't been spoilt by tourism. We had some fantastic food and lovely people who looked after us the whole week especially at the Hotel Aeolis overlooking the harbour - bliss!!!!!!

Flight back was good but never seen so many grey clouds as we were coming into Manchester - mind you I shouldn't be surprised really as it hasn't stopped raining today. 

So, what's happening at the moment?????

I've had alot of interest in the JewELLs Cards and also the craft fair happening next Saturday so I need to get the plan finalised this week.

I'll put some pictures of our holiday on soon and also some new cards shortly, see you soon!!!!

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