Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flippin broadband!!!!! Have only just been able to connect all weekend until now. I've now got some cards on Ebay and Etsy and sorted out a facebook page. This was all completed last week when I could get onto the internet of course. The sites need to be updated but at least I've made a start lol.

Anyway, I've no more craft Fairs until the end of June hence putting some cards on Ebay to see how they go. 

A couple of months ago I had an idea.....As the Village I live in only has the one Craft Fair a month I thought....wouldn't it be a good idea to have anothercraft fair for people to go to one so I looked into hiring the Village Hall as it had just had its opening. After a couple of email conversations, it was proposed that I organise the Craft Fair and the guys looking after the Village Hall would promote it for me. So instead of me doing everything, I could concentrate on getting the stalls filled...brilliant idea!

After a few weeks of planning etc, we are now fully booked - 17 stalls inside and 6 outside. Oh my God, I'm so excited about it but nervous at the same time....what if?????

The guys I know from existing Craft Fairs who are coming have been great about me having slight panic attacks.....don't worry, it'll be great they're've done really well to get so many stalls and a good variety.....well, I suppose we'll soon find out....Saturday 30th June is the day so I'll be taking lots of photos and will report back no matter how it goes!

Right, time to log off and update you again later x

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