Friday, 29 June 2012

Craft Fair Approaches

OMG I'm so nervous about mad is that? We've been fully booked for some time now and I have 25 people booked down for stalls.

It's my first time organising a craft fair, although I've been organising events for over 15 years - but this is different!

I'll report back hopefully with some photos (I know, I'm lacking on the photo front!). So signing off for now till the big day!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wedding Invitations

Visiting some very good friends tonight who also attend some of the same fairs as me but they make fantastic greek food, possibly because Dimitri is Greek and he's a chef...this does help!!!

Anyway, I've been asked if I could make some Wedding invitations for a friend of a friend (complicated? it will be!) so I'm taking some rough samples for them to look at....this could be the start of something in a different direction - who knows but I'm definitely up for it....also made a few place name cards which look pretty darn good....I think will look even better if I had the colour scheme sorted

Will post some pictures soon - head still in holiday mode - OMG this is terrible....I want to go back! Ever seen Shirley Valentine? The scene where her friend says, "every year millions of people go on holiday and every year those same millions of people have such a good time that they don't want to go home" - well I'm one of them!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Back from Samos, Greece

Just arrived back from Samos, Greece after a wonderful chilled holiday in the sun. My mum comes from Samos and it's a wonderful island that hasn't been spoilt by tourism. We had some fantastic food and lovely people who looked after us the whole week especially at the Hotel Aeolis overlooking the harbour - bliss!!!!!!

Flight back was good but never seen so many grey clouds as we were coming into Manchester - mind you I shouldn't be surprised really as it hasn't stopped raining today. 

So, what's happening at the moment?????

I've had alot of interest in the JewELLs Cards and also the craft fair happening next Saturday so I need to get the plan finalised this week.

I'll put some pictures of our holiday on soon and also some new cards shortly, see you soon!!!!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flippin broadband!!!!! Have only just been able to connect all weekend until now. I've now got some cards on Ebay and Etsy and sorted out a facebook page. This was all completed last week when I could get onto the internet of course. The sites need to be updated but at least I've made a start lol.

Anyway, I've no more craft Fairs until the end of June hence putting some cards on Ebay to see how they go. 

A couple of months ago I had an idea.....As the Village I live in only has the one Craft Fair a month I thought....wouldn't it be a good idea to have anothercraft fair for people to go to one so I looked into hiring the Village Hall as it had just had its opening. After a couple of email conversations, it was proposed that I organise the Craft Fair and the guys looking after the Village Hall would promote it for me. So instead of me doing everything, I could concentrate on getting the stalls filled...brilliant idea!

After a few weeks of planning etc, we are now fully booked - 17 stalls inside and 6 outside. Oh my God, I'm so excited about it but nervous at the same time....what if?????

The guys I know from existing Craft Fairs who are coming have been great about me having slight panic attacks.....don't worry, it'll be great they're've done really well to get so many stalls and a good variety.....well, I suppose we'll soon find out....Saturday 30th June is the day so I'll be taking lots of photos and will report back no matter how it goes!

Right, time to log off and update you again later x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Well, survived the Craft Fair at Holland Nurseries on Saturday.....sold a few of my JewELLs Cards and had alot of positive feedback from people who didn't buy but looked (we get that alot at the Craft Fairs!!)

Here's a couple pictures of my stall (before the rush of course!)

I have another Craft Fair on Saturday at Smithills School, Bolton so come along and have a look......lots of stalls to buy from.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Well, quick update to get you up to speed.....
I have a stall at Holland Nurseries in Bromley Cross, Bolton (Garden Centre not Children's lol) on the first Saturday of the month, One at Smithills School, Bolton on the second Saturday of the month and I've just organised a Craft Fair in Bromley Cross at the Village Hall. Our first one is on 30 June and will be held on the last day of the month...phew!!

There are some lovely people at these craft fairs - some are related to me by marraige....Mel & Dimitri Gatis who have the Greek stall and usually provide me with my lunch of souvlaki and salad - yum! Although, they sold out last month so I had to starve lol!

Anyways, have a look at my cards and tell me what you think...perhaps ideas for other occasions maybe?????

Will update again soon.....