Friday, 8 February 2013

Personalised Cards/Poems

Just a quickie folks.....As it's coming up to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, don't forget, I can personalise your card for you. I've also got the poem for 'Mum' framed and decorated which are only £3.50. 

The poem.......

You're there when I need you
You're there to help out
You're there when I'm trying 
to work things out
You're there when I'm troubled
You're there when I'm sad
You're there when things
are looking so bad
You tell me you love me
You give me advice
For no reason you hug me
which is always so nice
Mum, I do love you
Mum, I do care
Especially knowing you'll always be there

I wrote this for my mum so it has meaning for me and she loved it!

be back soon