JewELLs Cards

These are examples of some of the JewELLs Cards I now make....everyone is different and colour co-ordinated to the pendant. The chains are 18" long and silver plated and the pendants vary in colour and style. Each hand crafted card is only £5 (from stock) which includes the pendant, silver plated chain and verse if you would like one. The verses are optional at no extra cost and are laminated so are a keepsake in themselves.

 This card is generic and says Congratulations so it can be used for many occasions. The verse inside says.......

A task no matter what it is
Takes commitment to see it through
So, many congratulations
Are deservedly sent to you

This card is for your child's teacher to say thank you
The verse inside says.......

You've been my teacher all this year
and made my learning fun
So I'd like to just say thanks to you
From me, for all you've done

 The verse inside this Happy Anniversary card.....

I love you now and always will
You're here within my heart
A gift for you to show my love
And you, will never part

Happy Birthday cards can be from anyone. The verse inside says.....

Happy Birthday just for you
I'm wishing you all the best
A little gift is here attached
A little different from all the rest 

I thought this card would be nice for a gift to your Bridesmaid - just a little something different. The verse inside.....

Thank you for being our Bridesmaid
You've helped to make our day
A special one we'll remember
Today and for always

There are other cards/verses to choose from and everything can be bought through my new website

You can also buy the jewellery separately now which is £4.50 boxed

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