Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas from JewELLs

After a great couple of weeks at Christmas craft fairs, JewELLs is taking a well earned rest until the new year.

Merry Christmas to everyone and see you in 2014

Monday, 9 December 2013

Another crafting weekend

Well another crafting weekend has gone by....some days better than others but that's how it goes in the crafting world!

Sharples Primary School on Thursday 5 December - quite a few people through but no-one seemed to be buying much apart from curries and samosas (I bought some for my tea lol)

It was freezing in there because we were near the entrance and the outside doors were held open so the wind was howling through....we had coats, scarves and gloves on but still couldn't feel our feet!

High Lawn Primary School on Friday 6 December - I was in the main hall and it was packed most of the night. I didn't do too bad but some ladies were in one of the classrooms with the tombola - they didn't sell anything because no-one could get in or out because of the tombola queue. I think it needed to be in there on its own! There was a real reindeer outside but I didn't get a chance to visit it :( 

Accrington Town Hall on Saturday 7 December - Once I found the place (thanks to the caretaker and not my satnav!) we were on the 2nd floor in the ballroom. Lots of stalls and again, lots of people coming through most of the day but not alot were buying. Seems to be a trend at the moment although I went into Warrington town centre and there was a gift and craft marquee. Most of the stalls in there were quite expensive but people were buying so not sure what to make of that!

The Brierfield on Sunday 8 December - A charity craft and gift fair for people with a rare skin disorder. You cannot imagine what it's like when a child has it so severe.....well done to Jolly Pops for organising it...just a pity we didn't get more people through supporting us....until the next time!

Only 2 more craft fairs left this year....Smithills High School on Saturday and the Last Drop Village on Sunday....think after a rest from a full time job and craft fairs, I'll get my stock replenished ready for February when we kick off again

I have some of my pictures and poems in Craft and Crumpet 70 Blackburn Rd, Accrington BB5 1LE, although they're in the window of the shop so you can't see them lol. I also have some in Create Bolton on Bark Street so pop along if you're in either of these areas.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What an Amazing Weekend!!!

Back to work for a rest lol

What a great weekend for crafters we've just had!

Turton High School on Friday was very busy for the couple or so hours we were there. Saturday at the Church Hall started off a little slowly but by 11am we were busy all day until around was my best day ever! Customers wanted a mixture of things which was great

Then back again on Sunday after lunch to the Church Hall to carry on....was a little quiet but we got our stalls for free in the end so good all round.

I've got a very busy week again this week as I have craft fairs on Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday at Accrington Town Hall and now Sunday at The Brierfields on Blackburn Road.....phew!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Craft Fairs Galore!!!!

After a disappointing craft fair at Salford, I am now looking forward to a few really busy weekends. We have alot to pack in!

Friday 29 November - Turton High School Christmas Craft Fair
This is on from 6pm till 8.30pm

Saturday 30 November - Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair
From 10am until 4pm. We are on later because we have the Christmas Tree Festival on the same weekend which is why.......

Sunday 1 December - Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair
From 12.30 until 3.30pm


Thursday 5 December - Sharples School Bingo Night & Craft Fair
From 6pm until 8.30pm

Friday 6 December - High Lawn Primary School Christmas Craft Fair
From 6pm until 8.30pm

Saturday 7 December - The Mayor's Christmas Craft Fair at Accrington Town Hall
9.30am until 3.30pm


Saturday 14 December - Smithills High School Craft Fair
From 10am until 3pm

Sunday 15 December - Last Drop Village Craft Fair
From 11am until 4pm

So plenty to keep me going I think before a well earned rest for Christmas!

Friday, 22 November 2013


Extremely disappointed in the Sunday craft fair at the Salford City Stadium!

Hardly anyone came through the doors which was unbelievable as it's such a big place and supposedly very well advertised. however, there were no banners on the roads leading up to it, no posters around the area, no signs on the road to the stadium, no posters in or around the stadium......mmmm

All the advertising seemed to be done online - a high percentage of the people who attend these events like signs to let them know what's going on and where it is so I suppose it's no wonder there were no customers.

There were around 40 stallholders and I'm not sure many of them will be returning or giving it positive feedback - such a shame as it's a nice venue!

Well a weekend off this week then back to a full weekend of craft fairs - GREAT!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Salford City Stadium Craft & Gift Fair

Busy busy busy!

Our next craft fair is at the former Salford City Stadium on Sunday 17 November and it's on from 11 until 4. it's for a great charity

I've also been busy drawing, painting and making pictures and gift boxes in readiness.

Here are some of my smaller pictures that measure around 4" x 3" and are silver plated photo frames

As you can see they're only £3 - bargain eh!

One of my drawings/paintings is below. he took me a few hours to draw then paint and frame but really pleased with him lol. I've also done one of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh with Tigger. There's a picture of my stall below and you can just see Mickey on the stand

So, let me know what you think and what other drawings I should be attempting!

See you on Sunday!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Next Craft Fair

Our next craft fair is on Saturday 26 October at the Village Hall in Bromley Cross, Bolton. We've been full for a while now and have some new crafters with us which is great. Can smell those bacon butties now coming from the cafe lol.

The last 12 months have been up and down in the crafting world and I have come to a decision. There are far too many people making cards out there and it's so difficult trying to sell them sometimes because no matter how different and beautiful these cards are, they're still a card. I have the same problem with crafters wanting stalls for my craft fair....I have over 70 on my waiting list JUST wanting to sell cards.

So the decision is...............

I'm selling off all my JewELLs Cards at £3.50 each which only just covers the cost of making them but if I can do that, then I can put that money towards my other poems (all written by me), hand finished and framed. I'm also selling framed pictures which I've also made so will have to get the camera out and put some pictures on here for you to have a look at.

Will be updating my website shortly with all the new prices and stock...

Exciting times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Long time no see - craft update

Well, it's certainly been a while!!!!!

Work, holiday and more work seems to have got in the way of my blogging and craft a brief update...

The next craft fair will be the Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair on Saturday 28 September then BCA Craft & Gift Fair on the Sunday

We have some new crafters coming along on the Saturday, new signs have been ordered to let you all know where we are and we've been full for a while so should be a great day

I've also got some other dates coming up:

Friday 11 October - Canon Slade High School, Bradshaw, Bolton
Saturday 26 October - BCVH Craft Fair, Bromley Cross, Bolton
Saturday 9 November - Smithills School, Bolton
Friday 29 November - Turton High School Christmas Fair, Bromley Cross, Bolton
Saturday 30 November - BCVH Craft Fair & Christmas Tree Festival, Bromley Cross, Bolton
Saturday 14 December - Smithills School, Bolton

There will obviously be more dates of fairs but at least you can get these in your diary

I have had alot of orders to sort out for my personalised, hand finished framed poems which has been great - and not just orders for one specific topic which is also good!

Don't forget to check out my website - will be updating that next

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Radio Interview

It's the Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair on Saturday and I'm going to be interviewed by Radio Manchester at 10.45am LIVE! OMG, how nervous will I be!

What with 2 write ups in the local paper and an article in Lancashire Life followed by the radio interview.....what next?????

I have some orders to complete and have another craft fair at Worsley Garden Centre on Sunday - busy busy bee!

Can't believe it's been a whole year since we started up the Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair and it's still going strong. Made so many friends and we also have regular customers which is brilliant.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as I've got a couple of outside stalls and am going to put some tables on the grass to exhibit some of our work so should be good!

Will report back after the weekend

Wish me luck with the interview!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fame in the local paper!!!!!

Well, fame at last! We had the Bolton News at the last Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair taking pictures and they interviewed me as the organiser. Can't say I like their choice of photo but you can't grumble about the publicity!

Hopefully our next Craft Fair on Saturday 27 July will be busier especially as alot of people seemed to be on holiday in June.

Getting busy writing poems as orders and hand finishing them before framing. I have so many different ones now, I'm running out of room on my table when exhibiting many designs and types of frames etc - spoilt for choice

Check out the website for some idea of how they're breeding

Article in the Bolton News.....

BROMLEY Cross Village Hall Craft and Food Fair has been running since June last year. On the last Saturday of every month talented craftsmen and women set up stalls to sell their handmade goods, Which are as far removed as Possible from today's mass produced products. The craft fair is held in the Village Ball, Darwen Road, a part of Birtenshaw Church, Craftsmen and women take their Paintings, cakes, chocolates, framed Poems, homemade jams, jewellery, cards, felted goods and much more to the event.

Ellen, the organiser, Who has lived in the Village for more than 20 years, said that the Village hall was the perfect setting for a regular fair for local crafters to showcase their goods. Ellen, who writes poems and frames them said: "We have only been going for a year, and already there is Waiting list for stall holders. The atmosphere is very good and the quality of goods is very high. What we don't want to do is to have the same stalls, we want the stalls to be different."

The money raised from the events goes to the upkeep of the village hall, Which is part of the Methodist Church, and there is a musician to add to the atmosphere. Volunteers at the church help on the day and open the cafe for Visitors. Ellen said: "We are now looking for stalls Which are used to being outside.The atmosphere is really good, 
and the quality of goods is very high. There are unusual gifts on sale, and the stallholders want to spend time talking to visitors about their craft, regardless of whether they buy the goods or not. Ellen said that the church volunteers played a huge part in the success of the fair by helping out on the day"

Monday, 3 June 2013

Spratton Primary School

Really looking forward to this weekend. We'll be in Spratton, Northamptonshire at Spratton Primary School at their Music and crafts festival. Loads of craft stalls, music, stalls for the children and of course the odd veno collapso. 

I have a stall and will be selling my framed poems and handcrafted jewellery (couldn't fit everything in the car!)

For someone who said I only go to local craft fairs, I think this must be the furthest lol - it's only 142 miles. Mind you, combining the fair with good company can't be bad

Will take some pictures and let you know how I get on

Can't wait!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Heskin Craft Fair and Farmers Market

Our next craft fair is quickly upon us because of the Bank Holiday Monday. We're at Heskin Craft fair in Chorley. It's just past Park Hall/Camelot

I have had such a good response to my framed poems, that I am concentrating on exhibiting a good selection of them as well as the jewellery I make. I had a few more orders for poems over the weekend so hopefully this will continue.

I've also put some of the poems for 'marriage' into slightly more expensive frames which look really nice and great as a wedding present

My website has also recently been updated with the poems so take a look

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

BC VH Craft Fair

Yes it's the Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair goodness doesn't time fly!!!

We have some great crafters coming along with a few newbies and we're starting up again with outside stalls so if you know of anyone that is used to having an outside stall and has their own gazebo etc, please get in touch.

This month, however, we have a local craftsman who makes everything wood.....tissue boxes, planters, bird houses etc etc so hopefully he'll bring along a really good display and he'll be the first person you come across when visiting the craft fair

We also have paintings, cupcakes, framed poems, cards, knitted items, cushions, cakes, felted scarves and bags, nappy cakes, gifts, forever living and so much more......

Will update my blog and website with pictures shortly

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Framed Poems a hit!

Well, that craft fair was an experience!

After one of the women from the shop nearby didn't like the way I'd placed my table (even though everyone previously placed theirs in exactly the same position!!!), and re-positioning it several times, I finally set up but not ideally I have to say as I have too much stuff!!!!!!

It was my framed poems that people wanted and not much else - interesting!!!!!

I also picked up another commission to complete so looking good. AND, I managed to write another poem ready for printing and decorating so not a bad day really

We have a weekend off this week as we are visiting friends in Northampton but back to a busy weekend again 25/26 may when it will be my craft fair in Bromley Cross and also the craft fair at the Last Drop Village

Will put some info on about my framed poems soon.....


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Heskins Craft and Farmers Market

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!!

Sunday is the next craft fair and it's in Chorley just past Park Hall Hotel/Camelot (no I won't be stopping off for a ride!)

Heskins is run by 2 ladies who converted 2 large buildings into a craft haven. There are lots of lovely permanent stalls selling everything from fresh fruit and veg to meat, jewellery to clothes and so much more

It has an on-site cafe and loads of parking and gets really busy. There's so much to see, it would probably take you a couple of hours easily and then you can have lunch by the fire. Anyways, that's where I'll be, so pop in and have a chat and a mooch round the shops. 

See you soon xx

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pictures from Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair

Took some pictures of my Craft Fair for you to see.....lots of different craft stalls and some lovely people

Lynn with her felted bags
Kirsty and her nappy cakes

Gifts and aprons
Libby and her lovely photographs

So many things to look at
Sally and Jean's knitted items

Patricia and her material pieces
Part of my stall!

Forgot to take a picture of Malcolm our banjo player - will get one next time - watch out malcolm lol!

Always a great atmosphere and a bacon butty is a must (unless you're vegetarian of course - sorry). Just nice to have a little something around 11am when everyone is set up and malcolm has just started playing. He even braved the weather and played outside for 20 minutes but I think he felt it was a little too cold still when he couldn't feel his fingers!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Last Drop Craft Fair Next!

It's the Last Drop Craft Fair on Sunday 21 April. It should be a good day because there will be St George's Day celebrations as well as a beer festival on the same day so expecting lots of people!!!

Come along if you're in the area - The last Drop Village, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Lancs

There are usually over 40 stalls so there'll be something for everyone

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Last Drop Village next.........

Well, unfortunately, Smithills School was a little disappointing today. Not many people coming through the door even though Patricia went on the park (maybe for a quick swing) to give out leaflets and let people know that we were there.

At least I won a prize on the raffle this time - a piece of cheese - very nice it tastes aswell. Will be nice with some onion relish and dips mmmmmmmmmm.

Our next craft fair will be at the Last Drop Village (BCA events organise that one) so hopefully we'll have plenty of people visiting and especially as the village summer fair will be at the last drop in May.

Don't forget the website address:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Smithills School

It's Smithills School this Saturday....let's hope it's a busy day!

The weather is supposed to pick up a little at the weekend so maybe that will bring people out of their houses and into the craft fair!

My framed poems did really well last time so hoping for a good day.

I've written 5 different poems - Mum, Dad, Friend, Thank you, Especially for You. They are all decorated with embellishments and framed and are only £4.50. Check out my website for details. Buying is easy...... choose the poem and the colour of the embellishments etc and I will do the rest

Don't forget, you can email me through my website if you have anything specific in mind....

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Website

Gosh it seems ages since I blogged but I'm hoping I'm forgiven as I've been working on my new website

Take a look and let me know what you think. I think it still needs a tweak or two but that will be an ongoing thing.

What has been happening in the world of craft fairs - well, this weather has been playing havoc with them. at least 2 or 3 regular ones have been cancelled so I've only attended a couple this year so far as well as the Wedding Fair.

I've been writing some poems, decorating and framing them....seem to be doing alright! Something a little different and you don't need an occasion to send one as they're only £4.50 + P&P - not bad eh?

The JewELLs Card is going well and I've made some new pendants/chains as you'll see on my website. These are changing all the time depending on what is in stock at the time

So, even though I've not been that busy with craft fairs, I've been busy with other things like orders for weddings and parties - busy busy!

My next craft fair is on Saturday 30 March (Easter Saturday) at Birtenshaw Methodist Church Hall. Come along if you're in the area

And don't forget, 'like' my website or email me to let me know what you think - be gentle, it's my first one lol!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Personalised Cards/Poems

Just a quickie folks.....As it's coming up to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, don't forget, I can personalise your card for you. I've also got the poem for 'Mum' framed and decorated which are only £3.50. 

The poem.......

You're there when I need you
You're there to help out
You're there when I'm trying 
to work things out
You're there when I'm troubled
You're there when I'm sad
You're there when things
are looking so bad
You tell me you love me
You give me advice
For no reason you hug me
which is always so nice
Mum, I do love you
Mum, I do care
Especially knowing you'll always be there

I wrote this for my mum so it has meaning for me and she loved it!

be back soon

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

In Preparation for the Bridal Fair

I've been busy busy getting ready for the Celebration Village Bridal Fair at the end of February. Making JewELLs Cards and Gift Bags in readiness and I've also been writing verses, decorating and framing them. They look great if I say so myself!

I've also had some lovely pendants delivered recently and so have been busy putting together some lovely necklaces. The new ones consist of little dogs with diamantes (they look a little like scottie dogs), beautiful flower pendants in all colours, diamante diamond shapes, enamel leaves, pretty pink leaves etc. I also found a breast awareness pendant which is lovely!

I've been looking for some pendants I made along time ago which are glass heart shaped pendants with a flower inside - absolutely beautiful! I've just managed to find some again and they look great in their own little box. Not bad value - pendant and silver plated 18" chain in a lovely box all for the grand sum of £4.50.

I'm also just starting to make some place names for a wedding that's going to be in Greece - Crete no less.

Will update again and get some more pictures for you

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Business Boom Bolton

What a week it's been.........

I now have my page on the Celebration Village website with the new pictures of my JewELLs Cards and Gift Bags - looking good!

I've also just been told that Business Boom Bolton have published a piece on me today and I'm on the front page of their website!!

Things are just happening all at once at the moment and it's all good news - woo hoo!

I'm preparing for the Bridal Fayre at Celebration Village on 23 & 24 February so making sure I have lots of pretty Gift Bags and JewELLs Cards to show off - should be a good weekend!