Monday, 6 August 2012

Rain? What rain?

The forecast was for rain on Saturday...I think we were very lucky that it held off until around 2.30pm and then the heavens opened, it thundered and we all wondered how we were going to transport our crafts back to our cars!!! We managed it before the next downpour! phew!

There wasn't an awful lot of people coming through although I think the morning up to lunchtime seemed to be the best time.

I had craft fair 'virgins' next to me on one side and a big gap on the other - no I didn't have any garlic, well not until lunch time anyways from my sis Melanie and her pork and tzaziki butty - yum! The ladies were selling felt items and baskets of goodies as well as some dips a friend had made - I did try my hand at selling some of the dips to a customer only to be told, "I'm not going to buy any". OK then, no problem, only trying to help! I'll just stick to my cards and what I know in future lol

There were fewer stalls this month, probably because it's the holiday season (still!). I won't be at the September one because I'll be in sunny Kos celebrating my 50th birthday with friends - Danny & Michelle, Simon & Viv - can't wait! At least I'll be the one on holiday!

Back to the craft fair - sold quite a few JewELLs cards and the plain cards I've started to make...was asked for a card for a funeral - didn't have one! How can you possibly enjoy making that type of card? I would certainly have to think long and hard when writing the verse - OMG it wouldn't be the first thing I'd want to do I can tell you!

I'll put some more pictures on for you showing you the most recent cards I've made - I know, I keep forgetting....promise, will get Matt (the son) to take some for me and upload them onto the laptop so come back soon to check them out. I still have the bet on about my Christmas cards - so far hubby is winning - haven't sold any yet!!!!!!!

By for now and have a nice day!