Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Busy Weekend Ahead

Definitely a busy weekend ahead of me this week....I have my craft fair on Saturday and we have a few new crafters, some new to craft fairs and some just new to us so new faces all round. 

We've also had to bring the stallholders from outside into the Hall because of the wonderful British weather so it will be nice and cosy in there come Saturday! We have allsorts this month - from me and my JewELLs Cards to felt items, cupcakes, veggie man, Greek Deli, paintings, brooches, knitted items, dolls, handbags, buttons, homemade chocolates, etc

And then on Sunday is the Last Drop Village Craft Fair which I help with so busy busy least I can have a lie in till 7.30am each morning which is better than getting up at 6am!

If I could do this full time, wouldn't it be great but I either need to win the lottery (would I then be in this country to organise the craft fairs? I don't think so) or a fairy godmother who could finance me.....ho hum, wishful thinking!

Made some 'friendship' cards last night but my camera battery was flat so couldn't take any pictures. Will take some on Saturday so you can see the hall etc

Don't forget, you can get your cards handmade for any occasion and I will write the versus for you aswell. I've also made some wedding invitations for couples who are on a 'budget' but who would like them handmade. I went to a Wedding Fair on Sunday just to see what they were like and to see if there was a way in for the JewELLs Cards. OMG what a bunch of stuck up women! There was only one stand where the ladies made their own cards, invitations etc and they were very nice but flippin eck the prices! I know what you're saying - this is their business and they have overheads etc, well yes, I know but I'm charging less than a 1/3 of their prices and still making a little profit! The other stands were singers, cars, flowers, photography and such - very nice but the prices!!!!! What you need is a wedding fair for couples on a budget and I'm sure the people selling the services would be far nicer and more approachable and you would get more value for there's an idea! Lol - JewELLs Weddings on a budget....any takers?

Anyway, as you can imagine, we didn't stay long - one woman asked if I was the bride and when I said no, she obviously wasn't interested in talking to me - customer service? What customer service.....for all she knew, I could have been an owner/manager of a venue looking for a wedding planner to offer to my guests etc or to help organise weddings for me.....she could have potentially lost out on some money there! You should treat all your customers the same, as you don't know if one of them will be giving you that lovely big order - looks can be deceiving as I found out at Smithills School a couple of weeks ago ....a lady was looking at my JewELLs Cards and said they were lovely but she wanted to have a look round and would come problem I said not really expecting another visit from her, but was pleasant and answered all her questions as you do....about 1 hour later, she returned and bought 3 Christmas JewELLs Cards and gave me a commission for a friend's there you have it!

So, looking forward to Saturday and we're also going to our friend's house for a meal afterwards so should be a good day!

Will update again soon

Monday, 17 September 2012

Julie Hilling MP Bolton West

It was the first Food & Craft Fair for Smithills School after the summer break and Julie Hilling MP for Bolton West opened the fair, the cutting of the red tape and speech no less! 
She listened to the school band (which the proceeds of the fair go to help with trips etc) and then came round to all us crafters and had a good old natter with us.

There were quite a lot of people coming through the doors but, as usual, most were looking or buying from the food stalls, not many actually buying but, drum roll...............I sold my first lot of Christmas cards and a commission for a birthday card woo hoo!

I've put some pictures on of the event etc (I know, about time too!)
yet another photo of my card stand - note the Christmas cards lol

Yes, you guessed it, a close up of the Christmas cards - the one on the left was sold later that day!

The hubby's favourite out of all my Christmas Cards!

A, not very good picture, of Julie Hilling doing her speech

Just before she cut the ribbon

My stall was sandwiched between home made fudge and chutneys, cupcake lady opposite and lovely smelling bread stall.....I think they do it on purpose especially as I'm trying to lose weight (including the extra I put on in the 2 weeks I was away)

So, I now have a weekend off - no craft fairs, so we're taking my mum out for a meal for her birthday - Meditteranean Restaurant with a good variety of food on offer including Greek!

Will update again soon xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back from sunny Greece!

I bet you've been wondering what's happened, where is she? No, oh well wishful thinking on my part then!
But....if you were wondering, i've been on a wonderful 2 week holiday to Kos, Greece which was fantastic.....sun, sand, sea, s..... keep it clean it's a family show!

Apart from my holiday, what have I been up to? Oh yes, getting ready for the craft fairs coming up of one is at Smithills School on Saturday 15 September and I've been preparing oh no, Christmas cards! I've got a few more to do over the next few days and then let's see how they go. I even took some JewELLs cards to Kos with know just in case, and actually used 2 of them so I may be going international sooner than I thought!

I was also involved in a Victorian market before my hols and had to do the whole dressing up thing - mop hat, long dress, petticoats etc...there were only about 6 of us who actually dressed up...all the others were in ordinary clothes. It had been raining all week and even though we were under gazebos with sides, the floor was grass and soggy and my feet were wet through and cold so I'd had enough by 3pm. I'd got a special deal at the last minute and passed the details onto some of the people who have a stall at my craft fair....mmmmm I don't think they did very well over the weekend either and were joking that they'd get their revenge so I'm watching my back lol.....

Will update again soon x