Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair

Only 2 days to go until my 2nd Craft Fair - well the one I organise anyway! It's holiday season so it's been a juggling act with quite a few of the 'regular' stalls on holiday so I've been slotting in some people from the waiting list but trying to be careful not to duplicate too many crafts.

As we all know, there's nothing worse than turning up somewhere, paying out for your stall, petrol, etc etc only to find another half dozen people selling the same type of craft as you!!

There are a couple of different crafts this time so it'll be something new for folks to see. 

Banjo man is playing again and the bouncy castle is back - yay! it blew away last month so we're hoping for nicer weather although it was sunny up to around 1pm

No Greek food this time - OMG what to do for lunch! Do I go with a bacon butty (I'm told they were very nice last time) or do I do the boring thing and take a salad?? Decisions decisions!

Oh, nearly forgot....I've been making bookmarks just for something a bit different again AND I've managed to source some new supplies that are just as good as before but cheaper so I'm putting down the price of the JewELLs Card to just £5...I think that's a flippin bargain considering what you get for your money......we shall see on Saturday.

So, if you're in England, particularly around the Bromley Cross area of Bolton come in and support our crafters, have a cup of tea and a natter - we're a friendly bunch of people and are very welcoming!!!

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