Monday, 2 July 2012

Survived the Craft Fair!

What a great day! After an extremely nervous morning - will stallholders turn up? will the weather be OK for those outside? Will anyone come to the Craft Fair? everything turned out great

The weather held off until mid afternoon when a gust of wind blew the bouncy castle along the front of the church and one of the gazebo's went flying but as the weather calmed a little, we carried on regardless - cue for a song lol!

Some of the stalls....

This is part of my stall

Gatis Food - Greek Food and BBQ
Where I got my lunch from - OMG so good!!!

Thai pies....they are so tasty and I don't like pies!

Had a strawberry crossed with a raspberry - yum!

Another bit of my display of the JewELLs Cards
We also had a banjo man playing which was good fun although his speaker was directly behind me so a little loud at times!

Roll on the next one - can't wait!!

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  1. Well done Ell! Good to see those CENTRA organising skills haven't gone to waste!

    Helen x