Friday, 20 July 2012

Thank Goodness it's Friday

It's Friday at long last...just getting so fed up of this flippin weather! I was making more cards last night because we're going to some friends this weekend who live in the Buckinghamshire area. 

I've taken some photos of the cards, without a flash this time! See what you think.....

I even put a 'jingle bell' on the Christmas Tree card so it jingles when you pick it up lol.

My next Craft Fair is next Saturday 28 July at the Bromley Cross Village Hall Craft Fair so been busy getting the stalls organised for that one and as it's holiday season, some of the regulars are away so we've got a few different stalls this time. Just one more to confirm then it's sorted - phew!

Will update again soon.....................Have a good weekend!

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