Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Holland Nurseries Craft Fair

They say, "there's nowt funnier than folk". Well they're certainly correct when it comes to craft fairs. In a quiet spell I people watch (as I'm sure others do as well) and it's quite entertaining just watching....

The Greek Deli was quite near me and the dips were open for people to try and there were different types of olives on offer..."Would you like to try an olive or some dips?" I heard the stall holder say. Well, this elderly couple pulled their face and said, "ooooohhh no thank you, we don't eat that foreign stuff", as if it was poison or something! And yet, a young girl who apparently pulls her face at anything, tried the beans in tomato sauce and really liked them!

One of the stall holders virtually pounced on people as they came up to her stall and, to be honest, I think they bought something because she's gone through her whole script with them and they felt obliged! Her stuff's not cheap either! 

Me, I say hello and just let Jo Public look and if they ask a question I'll get into a conversation with them.....would you want to be mithered to death when you just want a good old mooch? I know I wouldn't!

We had a chappy singing Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin songs so the feet were a tappin I'm afraid....you can't help it! Then the body starts to sway a little and before you know it, you're even trying to sing - OMG! The trouble is the singer spies this and then starts to walk towards you with his mike (no lead) so thank goodness for the customer that gets to your stall before him. I did pounce on them that time so if you're reading this...I'm so sorry but you were my saviour!

It was a nice day for a change and for the first time, I didn't wear my coat (miracles do happen). The garden centre has a large canopy type structure so we're outside but under the canopy, however, if the wind gets up, we all hold onto our stalls because there is a tendency for crafts to be blown onto the floor or onto someone else's stall! not much fun in the winter!

On the whole, a quietish day but it was very enjoyable but tiring. It was good to get home and put the feet up and do nothing for the rest of the night - bliss!

I've got 2 craft fairs this coming weekend....Smithills School and Ladybridge High School - more on them later........

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