Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Busy making JewELLs Cards

For the last few nights I've been making 'blank' JewELLs Cards. I looked through all the different occasions I had and I didn't have a single one where people could write their own message for whatever occasion they wanted so I've made some....

They are all still completely different and have a pendant on an 18" silver plated chain but not having the words on the front has allowed me to do different designs again. I'll upload a couple of pictures to show you later. I've even started making my own bows with a 'bow making machine'. Yup you heard it first, you think, "what the.....!" but the more you get into it, the easier it is.

I can now say that I have handcrafted everything on the JewELLs Card, even the bows lol. I even got Brian to make a couple! He worked out how to make them first, well he is an engineer by trade!!!!

So, I think I'm ready for Saturday's Craft Fair at Holland Nurseries in Bromley Cross. It will be interesting to see which cards I sell....specific occasions or the blank ones....mmmm!

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