Thursday, 19 July 2012

Christmas Already?

One of the stall holders from June said they'd been asked if they were having a stall at the July craft fair because they were looking at buying Christmas presents!!! OMG we've not had a proper summer yet and they're talking about Christmas! 

Apparently, in the craft world, you have to have these things ready well in advance so, with this in mind, I took along to last weekend's fairs some Christmas JewELLs cards just to see what happened. There was a complete lack of bodies coming through the door at Smithills High School for some reason so I took the cards along to Ladybridge High School Pet and Gala day on Sunday.

"Aren't they beautiful", were the comments for the first 3 hours - not just the Christmas ones but all the cards, which is great but not many buying, then we had quite alot of people coming through the door and hey presto, buyers! I didn't sell any Christmas Cards tho but busy making cards last night ready for when people want to buy them. 

I took some photos but should have turned off my flash so they're not very good at all. I'll put one on so you can see it but will re-do them tonight.

At Ladybridge High School my stand was next to Farmer Dan's and I was 'forced' to wear one of his badges all day. There was a tombola stall on the other side of the room which I found very hard to resist so whilst I was buying myself some losing tickets (happens all the time), farmer dan was removing the ring tray from my stall and replaced it with a stand of his books.

Well, when he decided to leave his stall for a few minutes....yes, you guessed it, his books were replaced with some very nice jewellery and cards....I think some customers were a little confused but we had a good laugh....I found out later that he'd gone to look at the rare breeds of sheep (the School has an on-site farm). No wonder he had a smile on his face when he got back! Apparently he's always wanted to own some when he retired.

I think the School is going to have a Christmas Fair so watch out Farmer Dan, you'll be selling JewELLs Cards instead of books next time! LOL

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